About Us

Under the Angel's Wings Rescue, Inc. (UAWR) was founded in 1998 as a private rescue and became a non-profit org in 2006 and has been primarily an  Equine Rescue providing sanctuary and adoption for rescued horses. We have rescued many dogs thru the years but  recently we have become more and more involved with the plight of the shelter dogs who are being killed on a daily basis. There are many wonderful, healthy, and very sweet dogs.


Oso - Click his Picture to get more info on how you can help him. 

**Foster Homes Needed!**

We can not rescue dogs or horses without a place for them to go, if you are interested in fostering or adopting  a dog or horse in need please Contact Us and we will send you an application. We do not have a large kennel facility or any more room for horses so foster homes are needed to help any horses and for dogs in need. We need YOUR help to save dogs that are at the Shelters on Death Row and the horses who are being abused and abandoned more and more now due to our economy.