Quinns ups and downs

Well as many of you have heard from the beginning Quinn has had kennel cough which has turned into a URI which we are treating and then 2 days ago he decided he was not going to eat. He has not been a big eater all along and has just picked at his food but he just up and stopped eating anything including treats. We tried hot dogs, ground beef, chicken, and all kinds of things and he just refused. So yesterday I offered him bread and he scarfed it down, sooo bread is his favorite…. go figure prefers bread over a hot dog…?????? Either way at least he was then able to take his meds without us having to shove it down his throat which was a relief and makes life a whole lot easier! Sooo we are on the hunt for other things Quinn will readily eat and we can start from there even though not very health but we can transition him to better foods if we have somewhere to start. So things are looking on the up and up with him, and I am sure he will recover from his URI very well he is drinking really well, he is on antibiotic, and is not acting lethargic so it seems today it looks like we are on the high road!! More pics below of him out hanging around yesterday,


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