Update: Katey Bug

Katey Bug was out making her usual evening rounds today. She is so dang cute to see her toodle all over….nothing stopping this old gal! is all I can do…just beaming with smiles!



She is doing wonderful. Full of herself and very opinionated lol. She is ruler of the house and even has the big dogs wrapped around her paw. She looks forward to going out every evening while we care for all the horses and dogs and there is no stopping her! She trots from the front to the back and all over the place exploring and doing her Katey kinda things. Her hearing seems to be fading more or she has more and more selective hearing lol. She is quite an active little girl even sitting her right now pouting because I won’t let her chase everyone else out of the food bowl….she IS the ruler of the bowl!! She chooses to eat from the giant bowl that’s 3 times the the size of her rather then the small one which is size appropriate for her she leaves the little ones for the boxers lol. Gotta LOVE HER!!! The light of my life….how does anyone say no to a senior dog there is NO BIGGER reward to see them thrive and give them tons of love for their remaining years. Cancer or not this little girl is a fighter and she is loving and living life!


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