Update on Kenzo AKA Maxwell

Hey guys Maxwell here… My mom tells me people used to call me Kenzo but I like my new name Maxwell. Life is really good here with my new mom, I have a new best friend named Lulu and 2 others sisters who I am not as excited about but ehhhhh sisters you know how that goes. I love my new home where I get to sleep on the bed every night and have a really nice yard with grass and tress to play in. I bark at the bird who try to fly into my yard and take long naps in the grass, yeaaahhhh its good here!! Thank you to everyone who helped to save me from the scarey shelter, I don’t think I could have lived another day there it was so loud and scarey my body just kept shaking… but enough with that I just wanted to check in with you all and say Thank you and life is GOOOOOOD!!! :O

Love and extra wet kisses from Maxwell!!



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