Sponsors Needed for Oso The Handsome Man!

Most of our followers do not remember Oso who was pulled from the Devore Shelter back in June 2012. He made a fairly quite and uneventful entrance according to the “outside” world, but a very loud and extreme entrance along with a HUGE impact to all of us behind the scenes working first hand with his ordeal.20140125-183435.jpg

He came to the shelter because his owner did not fix their fence so Oso got out and was wondering the neighborhood when he was picked up by Animal Control. His owner was contacted but they did not want to fix the fence in order to get Oso back so he was left, abandoned at the shelter. Oso did not take to kindly to this and was REALLY not cooperating and had become quite grumpy and not afraid to tell anyone about his unhappiness. I recall the day I pulled him which was suppose to be for another rescue and I said to myself “OH MY, they have their work cut out for them he is a HUGE handful!!” Hmmmm well as it all worked out it was ME who has their hands full. Turns out though he is just a big teddy bear as his name implies he is my “Oso Osie Bear” as I call him in the best little baby talk voice you can imagine. 🙂 The biggest issue was he had no leash training and he was reacting to being at the end of a catch pole as well as the fact that I think Chows in general just don’t do well in a shelter type situation, they are just too family oriented of a breed.

It has become apparent that Oso is here for life and we WELCOME him with open wings to live his remaining years here with us. We are totally open to an adoption for him as we would love for him to get more of the one on one time that being among “The Group” does not completely offer him but, reality is people are not knocking down our doors for a 12 year old Black Chow/Shepard. He has 2 strikes against him Age and Color which makes it more of the reality that this is where he will call “Home”.!! We are more then happy to have him and look forward to many more years of him being around!We love our Osie Bear with all of our hearts!!20140125-183927.jpg

Oso overall is in great health and is a very sweet boy, he gets along with most of the other dogs, loves the kids, and people too. He is learning about the enjoyment of regular brushing but still gets a bit impatient with that as well. He still hates the leash but if push comes to shove we can handle him with one of our new Harness Lead Leashes which are just spectacular. His one main issue though is that due to his advanced age he has arthritis so he limps around from time to time. We have started him on some other joint supplements but it has become quite apparent that he needs the “good stuff” which has always worked and never failed to amaze us. I am a distributor for Dynamite Specialty Products so can get a great price on the supplements at my cost. We know they work wonders and they are worth every penny of the cost.

Oso needs your help! Oso is asking for help from his new and/or old followers to please help with a monthly sponsorship to help cover the cost of his food and supplements. This can be one or many people coming together to help, the total cost per month for these 2 items would come to $60.00 per month. Can you help with even a portion of this cost to help us to keep Oso happy and comfortable? It would only take 2 people to donate $30.00 per month for him or maybe you can’t commit to that.. how about $20.00 per month or even $10.00 monthly would be a huge help! If you can help please go to our Sponsorship Page to sign up for a monthly sponsorship.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at: Courtney@uawr.com and I would be happy to answer your questions!

Thank you!

Courtney Hobson




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