UAWR Items Needed Wish List

When you have a rescue for both dogs and horses there are always a ton of things on our wish list. But, as I was out feeding and watering horses this morning (where I tend to do much thinking) it came to me….. there are some many of these items which could be laying around your home that you are not using that would be very useful to us, as well as smaller items that could be purchased to help the animals out as well. So I have decided I will post each week one item in particular that we really could use help with.

So this time I am going to start with something fairly easy.. 🙂


If you are reading the paper on a regular basis or even occasionally then you are sitting there thinking now what do I do with this once I have read it? You can dump it in the garbage, recycle, etc. But, why not help out the dogs of UAWR and donate your newspapers to us for keeping things clean!! If you don’t have newspapers then we could always use puppy pads as well in any size would be useful!

So if you happen to have any of these you would like to donate please email me at: so we can make arrangements to get them put to good use!






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