RIP To Our Little Katey Bug

It is thru a heavy stream of tears I share the news with you all that Heaven gained another Angel today. I just can not even imaging this day is here… someone pinch me and wake me up as I know this just can NOT be true!! Katey pulled thru her surgery with flying colors everyone was so excited and so amazed at how well she was doing. She has been doing her normal Katey kinda things growling at the others, and who can forget her long strolls outside she LOVED going outside and would just toddle around the yard with a little smile on her face you just knew she was so happy and content. Over the last couple of days she did not eat with quite a much gusto as she has been and was being a bit more picky on what she would eat but as the theme around here has always been “Katey gets what Katey wants!!” and if that meant chicken and rice cooked just for her or steak and potatoes then that is what she got. She was eating until yesterday when she just was not that interested in food. I tried everything under the sun and she would turn her nose up at it. I spoke with the vet we agreed to give her until this morning and if she had not perked up she would go in for a check up. The vet started with blood work and x-rays of her belly as it seems a touch distended. What we found none of us were ready for especially myself. I burst out into tears right there when he showed me the x-rays and her lungs which were once clear and looking fabulous now showed problems thru out her entire chest. The cancer had mastitised into her lungs in just a matter of weeks. How can this be I asked, how did this happen…… the reality is Cancer the all mighty cancer is evil and is so unpredictable and we just never know how things will play out. I begged the vet what can we do, how can we help her? What are our options? In the most kind way we talked the reality of we could put on her steroids and antibiotics but we are not going to make the cancer go away. Chemo is not an option is was just beyond what could be done there and I told myself from the get go that was not an option as that is just a miserable way to live. I watched my step dad suffer thru the torment of chemo. My heart wanted to keep going but it would not be fair to ask her to suffer and continue to wither away to fulfill the hole she is leaving in my heart and my life. Though it ripped me to shreds to make one of the hardest decisions I could not imagine being selfish and allowing her to suffer for me… that would not be fair to ask her to do though I know she would have fought and done it with the best she could as her gift to me but in the end the kindest gift I could give her was to hold her in my arms while telling her how much I deeply loved her and how sorry I was that I could not make it last forever. It was so peaceful and her face so relaxed and content as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She is whole again no tumors, no cancer, no age to slow her down, just a young and vibrant girl hopping around outside in the rays of the sunshine with that everlasting smile she always had on her face. RUN my Katey Bug I LOVE YOU with all my heart and soul and you will be DEEPLY missed by so many who loved you and who’s lives you have touch… Right now I can not even imagine life without you and can not imagine moving on and there will ALWAYS be a huge piece of my heart missing that you have taken with you! I LOVE YOU Katey and I am eternally grateful for your presence in my life and the LOVE you showered on all of us here. Till we meet again in Heaven you will be missed SO MUCH!!! RIP my baby!!

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