BIG MAMA UPDATE: 5/25/2014

First, with the good news which is Mama is progressing along slowly and doing good. She is stable and she did stand with assistance of a sling this morning but would only put weight on one of her back legs but I am told that is normal for this soon after surgery. She is moving both back legs on her own which tell us they ARE functioning!!!!! WAHOOOOO!!! The ever so slight bad news is due the Plan B surgery having to be done which included an Osteotomy she is having to be maintained on a high dose of pain medications which makes her coming home today not an option. She will need to remain hospitalized until Tuesday so she can get the continued care she needs at this time which includes IV pain meds. The extended stay means extended cost and we are hoping that all of you can help us to cover the extended stay she very much needs.

If you can help you can send your donation via paypal to:

If you would like to send money directly to the vet let me know and I can get you the info in order to make a payment directly to them.

Thank you for everyone’s support both financially and mentally she has her own little group of supporters which is so awesome to see all those who love her as much as we do!!!


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