For the Quinn followers he is doing well and he has FINALLY come out of his shell, he is running around and being a dog. He is so dang cute and follows you everywhere. As I am doing anything outside he is follows everywhere right by your side. He is like curious George wants to know everything you are doing he is so funny! When we leave he posts himself on the front porch and loyally sits at the front door til we come home. Then he jumps up, comes running, and meets you at the front gate waiting for some love and petting. He gets along perfectly with all the other dogs without even a snip growl or snarl. He is a bit tooo interested in the small dogs around 6-8 lbs. though and he is not allow out with the little ones UN-supervised as he just might get too rough with his actions so I would NOT recommend a home with really small dogs for him. Now my little guy who is around 18 lbs is great no problems at all.So this sweetie pie is all better now he has a few days left of meds for his URI but other then that he needs to finish his meds, get neutered now that he is well, and he is ready for his new forever home!! Someone is in for a real treat with his love bug!! He is quite active so would recommend him for someone who wanted to go hiking, jogging, or walking he would LOVE that!!

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  1. So glad to hear that Quinn is on the up and up! And to think he was on the list to be put to sleep for being scared! How is he with healing from neutering? Was he heartworm tested? He sounds precious the way he watches the house while you are gone 🙂

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