Click the Donate button above to make a one time donation for Oso or to set up a Monthly Sponsorship for him as well. If you are doing a Monthly Sponsorship be sure you check the box that says “Make This Recurring (Monthly)”. Oso’s current monthly costs for Food, Supplements, and Medications is $85.00 per month. ANY amount will help for his care and no amount is too small!

Oso has somewhat of a long story but the short version is he was pulled from the Devore Animal Shelter on his very last hour before being euthanized by UAWR for another rescue. In the end the other rescue was not able to take this guy so he fell back into the care of UAWR as our motto is we are here for them FOREVER no matter what has happened in their lives we are the forever safety net for each and everyone of these dogs that we have pulled from the shelter.

Oso is a senior Shepard/Chow Mix and he was deemed “Rescue Only’ due to aggression by the shelter as well as the vet and everyone else who came in contact with him…..Another long story but in the end he was extremely scared and all he needed was a bit of TLC and some time to trust someone and he was good to go! He is just the sweetest old guy you ever did meet and we love him dearly! Due to his Age, His Color (Black is least likely color to be adopted), and The Chow breeding in him he has 3 strikes against him on having any hope of being adopted into a forever home, so we have decided he IS HOME here at UAWR he will remain as a “Sanctuary Resident” to live out the rest of his years where he is guaranteed not to be dumped back at the shelter and guaranteed love and happiness for the rest of his days.