Random thoughts.

Soooo happen to be looking at Blackie’s file and his intake notes from his owner who dumped him at the shelter…. and I know I read it before but I guess it did not hit me as hard until today when I read it again…..

Goes thru the basic info like what his name, how old is your dog, how long have you had him and things like that…..

They had him for 15 years and stated he was 16 years old… soooooo 99% of his life he spent with these people.

Here is the KICKER!!!! Why are you surrendering this dog? Not housebroke

Where does he sleep? floor <—– that totally explains why he still does not grasp the concept of sleeping on a doggie bed…. guess 15 year of floor sleeping is hard to break. But let me tell you when I put him in my bed with me he got that one figured out in a matter of a few days. 🙂

Ohhhh what a little Gem!!

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