RIP Blackie :,(


It is with a truly broken heart that I post that our Little Blackie Man was laid to rest on Sunday.

He had been declining in his health but we thought we were making head way until last week when it seemed he had a stroke which left him somewhat paralyzed. He was a trooper and kept going though, he was still eating and drinking great and could walk but was very unsteady and slow. He still that awesome smile that could light up a room and a zest for life. He still wanted to follow me from room to room and be where I was so most of the time I simply carried him with me and set up and comfy spot for him to lay where I was and then when I moved to another room I would carry him with me again. If I didnt carry him such as going to just grab something and come back he was there behind me very slow and wobbly but was still trying to follow. 🙂 I did have the pleasure of laying in bed with him many times just talking and petting him to tell him how we all loved him so much and what a special little guy he really was! Then Sunday it seemed he had yet another stoke which left  him completely without the use of his hind end and he appeared very agitated, uncomfortable, and in pain. So we headed to the specalist down in West LA and on our way there he seemed as if maybe he had yet another little mini stroke. The specialist looked at all his x-rays, bloodwork, etc and felt what was originally thought to be a collapsed lung due to heart problems was in fact a large tumor in his lung and likely it was cancer and had spread to his brain as well. That added with him dealing with repeated strokes just solidified the decision that the kindest thing we could do was to help him Cross the Rainbow Bridge and set him free from any suffering…. thru many many tears we were there with him to the very end and caressed his little body and told him how much we loved him as he peacefully fell asleep forever.  :,(

Blackie was dumped at the age of 16 years old by his owners who had him for 15 years. Their reason for dropping him at the shelter was “Not House Broken” and when asked does he have accidents the answer was “Yes, at nite” One more question that got me was Where does he sleep at night. “Floor” was the answer given. Reading those words broke my heart and we were so blessed to have him in our lives!! However, I have to give 100% of the credit to Eileen who was to be his forever adoptive mom and who I pulled him from the shelter for… SHE REALLY WAS THE HERO HERE as I had not even known about him!!! He was suppose to be transported to Eileen’s home but due to our car accident we were never able to get that all lined up and flying him just was not an option so he remained here and we got to spoil and love him! What a blessing that was!!! We would not have had the blessing we had from him had it not been for Eileen and a HUGE THANK YOU to her and all of the love and support she provided for him!!

He has left a huge hole in my heart and I know none of us here will ever forget him! Thank you Eileen and Thank you Blackie!

He will TRULY be missed by all of us, and is gone but NEVER FORGOTTEN!!!!!

RIP!!! Little Blackie the most stoic little dude I ever have met!

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