Nicki’s Bio

Nicki 9-14

Nicki has been in my life since around 2003 and at the time she was not a member of UAWR but that became official in 2009 and she has been a member of the UAWR family since. Nicky went thru some really tough times previous to my first meeting with her and unfortunately was with a trainer who felt that the best method to train a wild mustang was to “Beat the Wild Out of Em”. Unfortunately that has left permanent scares mentally for this girl and we have now made the decision that she will no longer be a riding horse, she is officially a pasture pet. She is great on the ground and we will continue to do enrichment type activities to keep her happy and exercised. She also lives out with a group of 3 other horses so has “friends” to play with as well.


The cost for my Feed, Supplements, and Farrier is $150.00 per month. ANY amount would be a big help and greatly appreciated!!

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