Coal is Safe!!

This is Coal the cutest little Doxie boy you ever did meet. He was rescued from Devore Animal Shelter where he was not available for the public to adopt as his owner turned him in and stated that he Bites Children. So since he was a “Child Eater” he could not be made available for adoption to the public and was deemed “rescue only” so without the possibility of adoption Coal waiting for someone to come for him. He was a favorite of the shelter as they personally asked me to take him, he was about out of time! We tried to find him a foster home but no one stepped up and he needed to exit the building either in my car or the freezer and well look at that face what choice did we have. 🙂

His update is also low and behold the owner LIED and he is NOT a child eater in fact he seems to LOVE kids and will follow them all around and even is excited to see them, greeting them with kisses and as you can see in the picture below, even falls asleep to nap with them….. go figure!!!!


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