Oso Update



A Big hello from Oso!! He sends this thank you to all those who have helped with his vet bills!!!

He seems to be in better spirits over the last couple of days and he is more relaxed…. He is not able to function with his hind end at all though just today when I was doing therapy with his back legs he is doing small movements soooo not sure if we will get anything back but I guess time will tell. We are dealing now with horrid diarrhea which has been quite the project in and of itself. He is a round the clock 24/7 project for his care. Needless to say I am running on LOTS AND LOTS of coffee these days and my attitude likely is not the best these days… 🙁 He does know when he goes potty though as he will whine and then I know its time to start clean up time… 🙁 I am kinda getting a system down now that he is ok with and he is no longer wanting to bite at me when moving him around… I think he knows I am just trying to help him.. so this does make things a bit easier for dealing with things…..I was having to muzzle him in order to deal with him but he completely lost his mind in regards to the muzzle last week and had a complete break down so to speak…. sooooo we had to learn to deal without it and things are coming along much better. We finally have hopes that a specialist will be in to speak with me tomorrow in regard to a second opinion and we are hoping for some good news in that aspect!!! Sooo stay tuned for that update as well.

If anyone else would be as to so kind to help with sponsorships of supplies for him I really could use it!! He is eating nothing but home cooked Chicken when I did not have time to drive out to where is it cheapest so right now payed 99 cents a pound for bone in thighs which I have cooked and of course taken the bones out and all but $12 in chicken did NOT last long as he is eating like a champ! I am trying to introduce some veggies and other things to go with it but so far that is the ONLY thing I can get him to actually eat

Another great need he has right now is paper towels and baby wipes… as you can imagine he can not get up to do his business and he does have puppy pads under him which we are going thru like a vengeance as well but with the loose stools he needs a make shift bath MANY times a day and night and baby wipes seem to have been best to tackle this mess.

I have been hand watering him as well as hand feeding but tomorrow I am going to try and rig up one of those travel water bottles that is like a rabbit water bottle so he has water there at all times on some sort of stand with access 24/7 so he does not have to wait for me to come deliver water… seems better if he can drink as he pleases when he feels needed.

I guess that is all for now….. Please keep up those prayers and great thoughts for our guy!!

Thank you!

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