If Dogs Could Talk


I can’t imagine I am the only one who wishes their dog could talk.  When is comes to Oso is sure does seem like it would make things easier. The Whine, The Cry, The Whimper, The Bark, and The Growl. These few things can have sooooo many meanings. I’m slowly learning what each one means for each of the dogs around here but poor Oso is only able to lay there and vocalize to me what he is needing or wanting… dogs who walk can go to the door and show you they want out and other forms of body language which can give you a few more hints to their desires and needs.  I am left with noises and small movements of his upper body which seem to be getting more and more strong as well. But, what do all these things mean?? Can you work out the details of each noise your dog makes? Do you think ” Ahhhhh If only you could talk!!!”?

In Oso’s case it would make things easier but then again I am not sure that would be a good thing either… lol He just might drive me right over the edge of sanity… lol lol He is the Grumpy Old Man sooo I can imagine the things he would tell me. 🙂 I think from time to time I might just hear some choice 4 letter words even. So though it is tough I am really getting his signs down and we are working together now on all things. He no longer seems to fight against us on things that need to be done such as his rolling over and repositioning. Though I have gotten MUCH better at the routine as well so maybe my being better just makes him happier. I do know that if  he is close to needing pain meds again that is NOT a good time to be rolling him and moving him around too much… soooo its a learning experience for both him and I.  We have come to the agreement that he no longer tried to bit me and I will do all I can to keep him as happy and comfy as possible. So its a win win for both if us… no more loosing my hands and he gets whatever he wants…. that an equal balance right?

One example of his vocals was this morning I fed him and got him rolled over in his new clean bed I set up and I walked away and forgot to move his water back near him. As you can see in the picture I took of him this morning I have the water attached to a small crate which is moved near his head. When I am flipping and repositioning him I always move the crate back out of my way in order to have room to “work” and then that is always the last thing that goes back in place once the repositioning is done. But I forgot to put it back. He is so funny that I did not get far away and he started barking… but in a way I knew he needed or wanted something… I turned around and noticed OPS forgot his water and sure enough I pushed it to him and he started drinking… That is when I snapped this picture. He drank a small amount then lay back and looked at me and gave me those big giant Oso brown eyes which tell me how thankful he is for my help! It is moments like that where you think WOW he MUST go on!! He has the desire and the will to continue on,  just his old body needs some help to make that happen. Those eyes tell me “Please Mom don’t give up on me! I am ready to keep moving, I am ready to get outside and go again!”

He gets excited when I bring his food, he gets excited when you talk to him and pet him. He is still fully in the game just needs a lot more help to play that game….. Well Oso help is here and more on its way in the form of a Cart/Wheelchair….. I have done extensive research on many many carts and though we could find things cheaper we have decided that a Walkin’ Wheels Cart (http://www.handicappedpets.com/) is what is needed for him. This cart provides the ability to make many changes to the cart as he gains muscle and more mobility. It can transform from a 4 wheel cart to support a fully paralyzed dog all the way thru rehab  into fully walking again but providing him support.  This cart would stick with him thru every stage of rehab no matter how far he gets. Another HUGE reason for choosing the Walkin Wheels is that it is set up in a way that does not require 2-3 people to get him in the cart, it could all be done by one person. The ability to  lift a 75 lb dog up over the cart and into the strapping is just not a reality for me alone and add to that a GRUMPY 75 lb dog being lifted placed even more challenges. This cart provides the ability to take him easily from the floor strapping their leg support/harness onto him and easily lifting his hind end up and attach him to the cart.  Oso needs your help with funding for his new wheels

He is on bed rest at this time but we really need the cart asap as he could be put into the cart just for upright positioning for short periods of time thru the day in order to get him off his side which would be much better and healthier for him.

We have set up a You Caring Fundraiser for Oso (see below) to get his Cart/Wheelchair please share his fundraiser so we can get him rolling again! Any amount can and will help us get to our goal for our Oso Bear!!!

Thank you for caring about Oso!

Courtney Hobson

Under the Angel’s Wings Rescue, Inc.







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