What Was I Thinking….?

Its 4am and we are having one of those nights where I truly feel like what in the heck was I thinking?  This project I have under taken is so enormous now is when Im purely exhausted and to the point of tears and think I must have lost my mind.

Its been a tough night….coupled with the fact I fell up our front stairs on Saturday evening.. yeah fell UP them go figure but yes I managed that… falling completely to the ground screaming…I’m sure it was a scene for Americas Funniest Home Videos as I lay there surrounded by dogs and writhing in pain. In the process I tweeked my ankle pretty good which is fused so is not ment to move and when you try to force it to do so it sends pretty intense pain all the way up the metal rod which extends up my leg. I also managed to destroy my back in the process as well. So just daily function is a chore alone and all of this moving 75 lbs of Oso around is just agony on top of it all.  Now he just is “Unsettled” tonight he can’t get comfortable or something which takes me back to my previous post of “If only he could talk” I evidently have not figured out truly what he wants as he has woke me every hour on the hour tonight.

So tons of pain included with no sleep is just not a great combo and would put just about anyone in the verge of complete break down.

Ok well he is quiet now and the neighbors dogs have quieted as well…. its 4:15am gonna try to get back to sleep……oh wait nope he wants something else….. 4:26am trying for some sleep….6:30am coming soon. 🙁

Good night to some… Good Morning to others.

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