Duke Update: April 16, 2011

It is with great sadness and many many tears that I have to let everyone know that Duke has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today!! We found cancer on his sheath and his man parts way up inside of him and with the location of the cancer and his age surgery was not an option for him. That only option was to allow him to continue on as long as he could but our vet said generally most things of this sort are ok during the winter but with the summer months coming the flies tend to get up inside there and will lay eggs and once they hatch the will literally start eating away at his flesh. THAT WAS NOT an option to allow that to happen so the decision was made that now rather then later was the right time to let this wonderful horse go with dignity and before he was suffering from what would have come. He touched all of our lives and it was time….. time for him to once again be REUNITED with his wonderful brother Prince for the last and final time!! They are now at the Rainbow Bridge and in Heaven TOGETHER FOREVER!!! They are free from any ailments that over took their bodies here on earth and Not founder, Not Cancer, NOTHING can stop them now!! ~ Courtney Hobson, President/Founder of Under the Angel’s Wings Rescue, Inc. ~

 Good Bye My Boys!! I will MISS you dearly and we all will NEVER FORGET you!!

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