Moses is So Thankful! 

Moses came to us in 2011 from Animal Control who had picked him up wandering thru an apartment complex. He was emaciated and needed lots of TLC but he pulled thru wonderfully! 

These days Moses is doing great and spends most of his days just eating, enjoying the warm sunshine of the high desert m, and hanging out just being a horse. It’s a rough life in retirement. 🙂
Thank you to Stephen who is a partial sponsor for Moses which helps to provide some of the feed for Moses each month. Moses is looking for some other sponsors to help out as well! 
If you too would like to help out with Moses or any of the other horses of Under the Angel’s Wings Rescue with a donation or sponsorship there are several ways to send your help! 

To make a donation you can visit our website at:

Via PayPal:


Mail a check to:

Under the Angel’s Wings Rescue

4037 Phelan Road, STE A106

Phelan, Ca 92371

Thank you very much for you help! Even just $10 a month can make a difference for one of our amazing animals here at Under the Angel’s Wings Rescue!

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