Quinn the Broken Heart Mender

This is Quinn! This is what happens when you become the heart mender of a teenage girl, you must endure lots of love and attention which includes dressing up. ?

We saved Quinn from a high kill shelter back in May 2012 as a “Rescue Only” due to behavior. He came her to us where we found his behavior was amazing and he was such a good boy! He had been looking for his forever home for many years and went to many adoption events where he was always just passed by. About a 2 years ago we officially made the decision that he would remain here as a sanctuary dog for the rest of his years and here he stays.

My daughter’s beloved cat passed away at the beginning of this month (The day after Big Mama) and her heart was deeply broken ? We didn’t even have time to catch our breath from the huge hole Big Mama left and boom ? another blow of the kitty. ? Anyway Mr Quinn here made it his mission to help mend my daughters heart and he has done an amazing job of that and they are best buddies now! He sleeps in her bed with her every night and cuddles with her in the afternoons when she gets home from school. Only those big brown eyes could melt and mend such a broken heart!

Moral of the story not all Rescues are bad and not all Pitbulls are bad either! Find your Diamond ? in the rough then make it your mission to mold and shape them and they will return that love times 1001 and be eternally grateful to you and when you least expect it they will be there to to help you thru the tough obstacles of life. ??

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