Boca is making a turn for the better!!


Boca seems to be feeling better after a day at the vet on IV Fluids along with several antibiotic injections. She is not competently out of the woods yet as based upon the blood work she does have an pretty bad infection. She will continue on pain meds and antibiotics but she is eating and drinking well too. She seems to be feeling better though and we pray she will continue on her road to recovery. This poor girl has has a really really HARD life, as you can see in the pics below you can see there is a part of her lower jaw and lip that is missing, one of her ears is more then half gone, then dumped….the good part is she is now safe and she is going to have a much better life from here on after!! We look forward to getting her all better and then finding her a wonderful and forever home.

Thank you to all who have made this possible if anyone can help with the extras for her medical over the past few days we would greatly appreciate it! You can PayPal any additional funds to: please be sure you mark it as: Boca Medical Funds

Look forward to many more happy updates for this girl!!




Piece missing from her bottom jaw


Most of her ear is missing


Boca is looking and feeling better!

Her "normal" ear. You can see how the other is less then half the size.


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