Making Daisy Happy.. whatever it takes :)

Soooo Little Ms. Daisy does not like being alone. She also due to her blindness and being older does not like the other dogs coming up to her quickly it scares her and most are young and full of energy and bug her. So if I put her in her area alone she howls and cries….If you sit with her or hold her she is fine she just wants to be with someone….. SOOOOO The solution…. 🙂 She is asleep on her bed on MY DESK!!!!! lol hey whatever works right!!! She is old and gets whatever she wants 🙂 good thing my desk is shaped funny so there is an area that fits her bed just perfect… she is over seeing my work and being sure I do it correctly!!! She does not have to be alone, I can get some work done, AND she does not have to be bugged by the other dogs. Win win situation… next I am gonna have to get a backpack so she can be with me while I clean, cook, etc. OHHH DEAR I can see it now… and a new pink dress too??? Oh wait no no Petsmart has a dress with Daisies on it….. Just to prove how cheeeeeeesey I can get. 😉


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