Calvin is the tiny 4 lb 10 year old Chi boy that was dumped at Devore animal shelter. Under the Angel’s Wings Rescue saved Calvin from the shelter. He is in desperate need of medical attention. He has a displaced testicle which needs to be removed along with being neutered as well. While he is under he is also in desperate need of dental cleaning and removal of a couple of teeth as well. Along with blood work to be sure that he could withstand this surgery the total estimate given to us was $650.00. Funds are extremely tight right now and poor little Calvin is such a sweet and loving tiny little boy who’s owners did not care enough to help him or provide him with the love he needed during his senior years. Please help this sweet little boy to have a better life and show Calvin some love by chipping in to help him get the medical he so desperately needs so that he too can find his furever home where he can be spoiled and loved!

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