Supplies Needed for the Dogs….. Can you help with any of these?

Following is a list of items needed to help the dogs:

Dry and/or Wet Dog Food (Any kind but prefer Kirkland Chicken & Rice)

Dog Bowls, Houses, and Beds

Puppy Pads (All sizes and brand needed)

Travel Crates and Wire Crates (Wire Folding All sizes needed)

Bleach, Paper Towels, Laundry Soap, Spray Bottle and Any Cleaning Products

Dog Kennels (Chain Link type kennel panels)

Collars and Leashes (all sizes) Always needed!

Dog Toys of any kind. (They would love any type or size)

Dog treats and Chewies

Blankets and Towels are ALWAYS NEEDED!

Supplements – Joint Supplements, Vitamins, etc.

Washer & Dryer

Gift Cards for Costco, Petsmart, Petco, Home Depot, Lowes, Etc.


If you can help with any of these items please feel free to send them via US Postal Service to:

Under the Angel’s Wings Rescue

PO Box 293683

Phelan, Ca 92329

Or email me at: and we can give you info on our latest pet fair location for drop off of items you may want to donate.


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