Blue Grooming Day FAIL!!

Soooo today was suppose to be Blue’s big exciting day of going to the groomers and getting all pretty buuutttt weeelllll did not work out so well…. apparently Blue is not too keen on “different” people. He did try to bit us the day we picked him up but I figured it was due to his hips hurting and we caused him pain…. welllll he walked into the cage well at the groomer and then would not let them get him out without trying to eat them all….. 🙁 sooooo I am not sure if maybe we can get a mobile grooming person to come to our home if he would be more relaxed or I may just be learning to be a groomer here soon 🙁 not what I had planned but he HAS TO GET SHAVED his skin need lots of TLC under all those mats!!! Soooo I am very bummed and hoped to share new and improved pics of Mr. Blue but weeelllll not today…. 🙁

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