Daisy Update 11/15/2012 Evening Update



We went to visit Daisy this evening with high hopes of bringing her home tonight!!! All we could think about was to have her home and in her bed all warm and cozy and a big helping of Lasagna for dinner! (Her fav for those who have not previously followed) Well once we got to the vets office that hope was shot down fairly quickly. :'( We got to see her and she is defiantly a lot better then yesterday but she still needs to continue with treatment and medications that we could not provide here at home sooooooooo we have to live one more night with out her here with us… :'( My daughter and I both were in tears as we pet and loved on her and told her how much we missed having her at home. I think the most disturbing part for all of us was that she was not able to be in her nice warm and cozy bed under all the blankets…. we did bring blanket/jacket from home and left it with her tonight in hopes that she would sleep better and be more comfortable. They are going to run another EKG tomorrow in hopes to see what types of improvements they have made and will update again in the morning. The doctor said they tried to feed her and she would not eat they offered her a special Heart diet and I told him NO she is VERY pickey eater and only eats Lasagna and he giggled and looked at me as if I was crazy and really I think he thinks I am joking but really NO JOKE I have bought and tried I think every kind of dog food under the sun, or at least every kind they carry at petco, petsmart, target, and walmart… I have tried from $6.00 a can food to .25 cents a can food and nothing tempted her little tummy…except we did get her to eat some Trader Joe’s Chunky Chicken Dinner laced with spaghetti sauce on it for quite sometime, but more recently it has been Fideo and Lasagna and that is it…… and people say awwww leavethe dog food out for her she will get hungry and eat it……NOPE I tell ya that stubborn ol girl would starve herself to death I think, a hunger strike until she got her Lasagna……she is Garfield I tell ya Garfield… go read the comic stripe and see how Garfield would KILL for his Lasagna that is Daisy tooo a T!!!! But, as we have said since day one “What Daisy wants, Daisy GETS!!” That is all there is to it…13 years old dumped at the shelter she deserves it I think….I even tried to move her bed to a new location last week and nope she would not have that and refused to sleep in her bed in it’s new location…. sooooo Daisy won that battle too and I put it back where it was before…inconvenient for me or not that is where Daisy WANTED IT so THAT is where is STAYS!!!!! Ha ha ha ha this house is ruled by a now 6 lb Chihuahua (used to be 5 lbs) and there just is no questions about it.

We look forward to the moment when we have our little Queen Garfield Daisy back to keep us all in line but until then she still needs everyone’s help to continue to cover her medical expenses. Please help by donating to her chip in, sharing her chip in and sending your prayers and well wished for Daisy we need her HOME!!!

Chip In: http://uawrhorses.chipin.com/daisys-medical-needs

Or you can send directly to paypal at: donate@uawr.org (Please make a note that it is for Daisy)


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