Laddie Update




I have to apologize to all those who have been watching and waiting on the Laddie update!! Know that he is love but the heart break of the loss of Daisy has somewhat over whelmed my days.

Laddie is doing fabulous!! His cast is off and he still has 4 legs!!! When we had given up all hope and we were ready to amputate this little leg we ended up getting lucky and getting an appointment with the vet we had wanted to see all along but was nearly impossible to get an appointment arranged. Sooo he has nothing but great news and high hopes that Laddie was going to be ok and wanted to try to continue on with the healing of his leg BEFORE thinking of amputation and low and behold he was RIGHT the cast is off and he is running around on that leg. He is still learning to use it so at a walk he does bear full weight on it but when he takes off running he still will lift it up. The vet feels this is just a matter of habit as he jumped up and down off the couch and bed without any issues along with being able to palpate the leg without an issue reassures us that there is no pain involved.

Sooo Laddie is on the road to recovery and things are on the up and up for him!!


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