Tax Receipts for Blue

I have emailed all the tax receipts for all Donations made for Blue except for 2 people who specifically said they did not need or want a receipt. If anyone else did not receive their receipt and needs one please email me directly at so that I can get it to you ASAP!

Thank you to all who helped to support Blue!! We will continue to update on his progress, I am pretty impressed already with the joint supplement we have been giving him he is walking soooo much better and even can walk up the steps into the house on his own with us just holding his harness to stabilize him, when he arrive and until now we had to basically carry his entire hind end with a towel supported under him as he went up and down the steps and that was when he was on Rymadyl and then on Tramadol as well which seemed to help a bit more but for the long term solution the joint supplements are working and helping him tremendously.

Thank you again to all those who helped with support for Blue! We love him dearly and again he will never have to know what being alone is all about.


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