Petey update


For all those who follow us on Facebook you know about Petey the little 3 month old Chi X with seizures who was on his 11th hour at the shelter. He is safe and here with me personally as we try to work thru his seizures and getting him on the road to recovery.

Petey was having seizures at the shelter and before, after, and during the seizures he gets quite nippy and cranky but who can blame him…. Yesterday was his visit to the vet to get his “work up” started and he did not have a good day. He had 5 seizures total yesterday alone 🙁 He did get his blood drawn along with getting him started on medications. Blood results should be in on Monday which we hope will have some sort of answers for us but not holding my breath as many times all the blood will come back within normal ranges and you will have no definitive answer. But, either way we Petey is a fighter and so are we and we will NOT give up on this adorable little guy!

As I write this today it is 4pm California time and we are holding out at 1 seizure for the day!!! This is a wonderful improvement from yesterdays 5…..

Thank you to all who have donated for Petey already, we are still in need of additional funds to help with Petey’s medical bills as his expenses just yesterday were right at $300.00 and this is just the beginning for this guy.

Donations can be sent via paypal to: (Please send as a gift and be sure to make a note for Petey so we know who it is for.)

or you can mail a check to: Under the Angel’s Wings Rescue – PO Box 293683 – Phelan, Ca 92329

Thank you and stay tuned for more updates on Petey I will do my best and hope to have time to update every few days on whats happening with Petey!

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