Mistletoe Update after surgery 1/29

Mama Mistletoe is waking up from surgery as this time, she seems to have pulled thru quite well and is recover as expected. It is with deep sadness and with many tears that none of the puppies made it thru, they checked each one and were not able to save any. RIP to the 5 little angels who did not make it :”””( There were at least 2 who had been gone for quite sometime as they had already mummified so that is where many of the issues started for mama and things just went down hill from there. Mama Mistletoe is in intensive care at this time and will remain there for at least today and we will speak with the vet again this evening for another update and further plans for her to possibly come home tomorrow. This does give us bit more time to raise the remaining $725.00 that is needed for her to be released but that also means we have to keep sharing for funding for her. THANK YOU to all who have prayed, shared, and donated we could not have got this far without you….. I am very happy we have mama though and we now need to focus on her and getting her all better.

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