Blue DID IT!!!

Very excited to share after being here for 2 weeks Blue has walked up the steps all on his own without any help this morning. Wooo Hooooo This guy came to us barely able to walk 50 feet without falling over and struggling to get back up and 90% of the time needed our help to get back up. We also pretty much started out carrying him up and down the steps and then we started walking him up and down with 2 of us one with a towel as a sling in the front to support him and one at his hind end also with a towel. We then progressed to having a harness on him and stabilizing him with the harness while he went up and down and now with the joint supplements kicking in he is doing awesome!! We had the back door open this morning he had just been let outside and the door was still open and he was outside wandering around and next thing I know he was back in the house… ahh I asked did anyone help Blue up the steps and everyone gave the blank stare and said NO. That means he walked up the stairs and back into the house all my himself!!! I am surprised he even tried as usually he will not attempt the steps without us being right there. Sooo to me that is a HUGE accomplishment from where he started. Now we gotta work on that down the steps thing he thinks he is Evil Kenevil and wants to jump from the top step all the way down to the ground… hence the reason he wears the harness.

So all in all I am very proud of my boy and the progress he has made. He is able to get up 99.9% of the time on his own now. GO BLUE BEAR, GO!!!!!! 🙂

Thank you also to Kelly who hooked me up as a Distributor for Dynamite Specialty Products and our latest Free & Easy success story!




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