LuLu is feeling better!

This is Lulu the other little girl who we also pulled from the Lancaster Shelter when we picked up Blue. She was actually dumped right in front of our eyes by her owner when we were in line to adopt Blue. She was cute but she was trying to bite so we knew right off she was doomed, she was terrified, did not know where she was at, and took to growling and snapping at anyone who even walked up to the receiving cages. Unfortunately she was not spayed so she had to stay a few days at the shelter in order to have that taken care of and in the process of being at the shelter of course she got Kennel Cough…:( she has been battling it, but now I think we are finally getting out of the woods with this adorable little girl. She is approx 6 lbs of pure sweetness!! She just wants love and to be in the bed UNDER the blankets! Stands at the front window waiting for us to get home, and even does the cutest little twirl and dance when we pull in the driveway…. Still baffled at how someone could dump this precious girl?? The shelter did not have any notes on her paperwork as to WHY she was dumped but from what I could tell the man was deaf and was motioning possibly that he was moving, but not sure and we will never know really what his “excuse” for dumping such a sweet sweet little girl….???? Anyway, Lulu is safe and never has to worry about being alone at the shelter again!!

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