We need Help with Lulu’s Vet Bills!!




HELP NEEDED WITH VET BILL – The UAWR family happened to be at the shelter when Lulu was being betrayed by her now former family. She was very sweet with the former owner but growled and tried to viciously attack anyone else. So of course, when we saw this tiny little diamond in the rough; we knew we had to save her as she would never make it out alive showing that kind of attitude. She has gone for many meet and greets always with the same reaction of being the little shark and quite the grumpy girl. After many tries we have given up the idea of her finding her forever home and come to the realization that THIS is her forever home so she is a permanent “sanctuary resident” here.

Today she had a freak accident and somehow got out of the fenced in enclosure I had her in. I’m thinking she was grabbed up by a coyote passing by the fence line at the same time she was making her way out. Thankfully my larger dogs started barking furiously, and at some point, the coyote dropped her. Lulu came running home as quick as her little legs would carry her with bite marks.

Initially, I cleaned her up and kept an eye on her. When the bleeding wasn’t stopping I rushed her to the vet and they concluded she not only has a collapsed and punctured lung but she is also bleeding into her lung. She is being kept quiet for several days at the hospital while she receives medications and treatment. They need to get her lungs working properly again before they can even sedate her to put drains in her wounds and any other wound treatments needed. It will be a long road to recovery for this sweet little girl but she is only 6 years old and still has many years left ahead of her life to live out! The total estimated costs for all of her care and work needed is $1600 and we need your help to save this sweet girls life.

Would you please help us to help her?

Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Yours Truly,

Courtney Hobson
Under the Angel’s Wings Rescue

Donations can be made via paypal to: Donate@uawr.org or you can mail a check to Under the Angel’s Wings Rescue – PO Box 293683 – Phelan, Ca 92329

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