Katey Bug the Senior Chi



We have the newest and greatest little senior girl Katy here with us now as a member of our household and what a little spit fire she it! I LOVE this girl and she has captured all of our hearts just minutes after meeting her! I do not think she has yet to meet a person she does not like. She is just a bundle of pure sweetness and gratitude!

If you not followed Katy’s story she was pulled from the shelter when she was out of time. She has a rescue who committed to her and then disappeared and then at the VERY last second we stepped in to save her life as we just could not see this adorable 12 year old girl be euthanized. She has been with her temporary foster mom until just a few days ago she came to join us here at our home for her remaining days. Katy was diagnosed with liver cancer and she is doing great now and the amount of time is unknown. So Katy’s theme as always the case with our special senior dogs is: What Katy wants Katy gets when and how she wants it! 🙂 In other words our jobs as her humans are to simply spoil her rotten for her remaining days, weeks, months, and/or years!

I can not even explain the joy that everyone is missing out on to save one of these senior dogs! They are so grateful for every little thing you give. You pet them or pay a little attention to them and their eyes just melt. You can give a simple little treat and you see in their eyes the ever enduring love just ozzing out of their little bodies. OMG Katy is amazing with her little tail wags and I swear she is smiling all the time.

How can a dogs be soooo extremely resilient and still love so much even after being dumped at the terrifying shelter alone with out the family they have known and loved for years. Where is her family? How can she still remain so optimistic and loving never missing a step in life. She was moved from her foster home of several week to our home here and she never missed a beat. She arrived and walked into my house as if she has been here for years. Sniffed all the other dogs, walked over to the food dish and began eating like that was just part of her routine.

Again, where is her family of the past 12+ years? Did her owner pass away? Did they decided they could no longer deal with her issues? Do they think of her? Do they know she is alive? Do they even care? How does one just dump their 12+ year old dog at the shelter and never look back? That is beyond my comprehension that i can not even grasp or wrap my head around. WHAT THE HECK???? ….???…???

Well, Katy will never have to be concerned any longer she will eternally have love and a warm bed to sleep on and plenty of food in her belly for all her remaining days! What a doll she is, I just can not even express the love for this sweet girl in just a matter of minutes I fell head over heals for her!

We LOVE you Katy and I hope you are the happiest you have ever been with us here and we look forward to more time spoiling you!

Moral of the story: ADOPT a senior pet in need from the shelter you will NEVER experience more joy then walk with them thru the remaining days, weeks, months, or years. NOTHING is more rewarding the to see those little eyes say THANK YOU for all you do!!! If you are interesting in proving the love and care for a Senior Pet and can provide and safe and loving place for him/her but worry about the medical aspect of a senior please ask us about Fostering this can be the most rewarding situation for you ever!!!




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