Katey Bug’s Winter Jacket

Katey is doing fabulous! We had a big scare a few weeks ago when she had some issues but that has all cleared up and she is back strolling the house and yard like a champ. She loves the outdoors and is sooooooooooo adorable to watch her just stroll around outside. She follows us around and will look at you like where to next? The tumor under her belly I think may never fully heal and removal is not really an option so we treat and medicate it daily and it doesn’t seem to cause her any pain and she is no longer trying to link at it sooooooooooo that’s improvement too. She quickly figure out her favorite places to sleep and that the rule around her is Katey gets what Katey wants she smells something cooking and she is first one there to see and taste what It is. Lol just a love she is an amazing little soul…I love love love these little senior kids they may move a little slower but they are wise beyond their years!!!!

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