Horse Surrender Information

If you or someone you know has a horse that is in need of a home please do not call us. This is not due to not wanting your call or not wanting to hear from you but in order to help you best we can not do that over the phone and can only refer you back to this page with instructions on how we can help you. In order to network your horse for a adopter or rescue that can take your horse we need you to email all of the following info to us:

1. Photos of the horse. Good quality close up with several angles front, back, sides, etc. If the horse is ride-able pictures of the horse being ridden are always helpful. The better your pictures are the more appealing he/she will be to potential adopters or foster homes. Be sure there is at least one photo directly from the side of the horse showing its entire body close up all in one frame. See the Example here:

Make Note his entire body almost fills the full frame of the picture, this one could be a bit closer but works just fine. We can see all parts of his body in one photo. A nice shot of the horses face would be a great addition to the package an is also very helpful!

2. Information regarding registered name if applicable, age, height, breed, etc.

3. Any, other info that applies to your horse, health issues/needs, special needs, riding abilities, what has been done in the past with your horse, what has he/she been doing recently, or any other things that make your horse special.

4. Please let us know why you are needing to place your horse and how soon you are looking to have your horse placed by. Please again be reasonable with your time expectations, if you know you are moving 4 months from now DO NOT wait until 2 days before your are leaving to ask for help as YES it can happen but it is not likely that a horse can find a GOOD home in 2 days, It has and can happen but NOT always so please do not count on this.

You MUST send us photos or we will not be able to help you to place your horse. That is the first thing prospective adopters and foster homes ask for from us so please take a moment and take the time to help your horse by taking a few good photos. Ask a friend to borrow a digital camera or you can even use someone’s phone and text them to us at 951-318-2275 or email them to us at with all the digital devices these days this should not be a tough project to under take in order to help your animal get placed into a good home.

Please email all this info in one email to  and we will forward your horse’s info to those in our network who are looking for a horse and other rescues we work with in order to help you place your horse.

Thank you for you help is making this process much quicker and easier for all of those involved in helping to place horses in need.

When networking a horse for you that is NOT being signed over to UAWR, we DO NOT pre screen and it is YOUR responsibility to be sure your horse is getting a good home and going to a good place. We are simply helping to spread the word that your horse is available, so please be sure you know who is taking your horse BEFORE you allow him/her to leave in their hands! There are MANY people out there who will “take” your horse for you and they do not have good intentions for your horse. Horse ARE BEING SHIPPED OUT OF CALIFORNIA FOR SLAUGHTER!!! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Yes, it is illegal but just as with most other illegal things the slaughter transporters ignore that law!!!!