Horses in Need of a Sponsor

You can sponsor a horse for ANY amount each month or you can make a one time donation as well. They are each in need of their very own Angel to be their sponsor and help cover their monthly costs while here with us at UAWR. Some are sanctuary residents and will remain here for the rest of their lives and others are looking for their special new forever home.

We are a non-profit organization and we do not receive any government or state funding. The average cost to feed each horses is around $150.00 per month. Many of our horses are older and/or injured horses who need extra vitamins, joint supplements, etc.

Any donation is a big help to us to help support the horses! There is not amount that is too small!

A Full Sponsorship is $150.00 per month and will cover the care each month for the horse of your choice. You can also choose to do a Partial Sponsorship of any amount each month that will help with their food costs as well.

Also, don’t forget there are many other expenses above and beyond feed for each horse as well they have medical, de-worming, farrier, teeth floating, etc.

To make a one time donation for any amount or To Choose a Monthly Gift in any amount. Please click on the “donate” button below.

**Be sure if you would like your gift to be an automatic monthly gift that you check the box that says: “Make this Recurring(Monthly)”**