Wish List & Items Needed


UAWR Wish List



HAY & PELLETS – We can take all types of hay and pellets but use mostly Alfalfa Hay, Bermuda Grass Hay, & Sacate Thoroughbred Pellets

PIPE CORRALS & SHELTERS – We need all lengths and types of pipe corrals and all sizes of shelter and ALWAYS in need of additional shelter legs!

DE-WORMER – We have many horses and always in need of de-wormer for them.

FLY MASKS & FLY SHEETS – When summer times comes the horses are VERY grateful to have their fly masks!

FLY SPRAY – Any type

WINTER BLANKETS & RAIN SHEETS – All types needed, we generally use water proof turnout style most. Sizes 72 to 78 are useful with 76 being most common but we have a few Size 80.

PSYLLIUM – We do live in the desert and need to do all we can to prevent sand colic.

FEEDERS – We use the over the fence feeders and we are always in need of more.

HF12GIFT CARDS: To Costco, Home Depot, Lowes, or Local Feed Stores are ALWAYS NEEDED and welcome!


SHADE CLOTH/TARPS – We use for the dogs the mesh shade cloths as well as tarps for both horses and dogs.

DOG FOOD – All types needed and wanted!  Primarily we feed Costco’s Kirkland Brand Chicken and Rice and/or Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice


DOG BEDS – All types wanted and needed but our dogs would LOVE a few of these: http://kuranda.com/donate/10240

BLANKETS/TOWELS/SHEET – We are always in need of extra comfort items for the dogs.

PUPPY PADS – We ALWAYS have a HUGE need for more puppy pads of every size and type!

CLEANING SUPPLIES – Paper Towels, Bleach, Clorox Clean Up, All Purpose Cleaners.

CRATES & X-PENS – X-Pens and Wire Crates are always needed for transport and for Pet Fairs as well. Crate size 22″, 36″, 42″ and 48″ needed at this time.

KENNEL PANELS – Desperately need additional fencing panels to expand the yards and housing for the dogs.


DOG HOUSES – What dog does not love to curl up in a nice cozy house when they are outside getting some fresh air. 🙂 All Sizes

DOG BOWLS – Stainless Steel bowls of all sizes for water and feeding the dogs. Most needed size 4 cup and larger. Even baking pans from the 99 Cent store work great.

STAINLESS HANGING WATER DISHES – For pet fairs we need stainless water buckets/dishes that can be attached and not tip over.


FENCING: Rolls of Chain Link Fencing and Chain Link Fence Posts.

Fence Posts

LINOLEUM FLOORING: Any color or size would help but the more neutral colors and larger the pieces the better.

GIFT CARDS: To Costco, Home Depot, Lowes, or Local Feed Stores are ALWAYS NEEDED and welcome!