Dogs in Need of a Sponsor!

You can sponsor ANY amount each month or you can make a donation on a one time basis, for any of the horses or dogs listed here. They are each in need of their very own Angel to be their sponsor to help cover their monthly costs while here with us at UAWR. Some are sanctuary residents and will remain here for the rest of their lives and others are looking for their special new forever home.




Oso ended up at the shelter because a portion of his owners fence fell down and Oso got out and was picked up and taken to the shelter. His owners came to the shelter but made the decision they would not be taking him home as they did not want to pay the expense of fixing their fence in order to keep him from escaping again.

So, Oso remained in the shelter waiting for someone to save him when he was pulled by UAWR from the Shelter only moments before he was to be euthanized for another rescue. Since he was deemed as “Aggressive” he needed a shelter rescue partner to help with getting him out of the shelter as he was not available to the public. In the end the rescue he was pulled for was not able to take Oso so UAWR stepped up for him once again as we feel it is out duty to always stand behind any dog we pull weather it was for us or another rescue.

Oso has a lot of trust issues and has come a long way since his days in the shelter growling at everyone and has become a valued member of our family and due to his age and inability to deal well with change we felt it was best for Oso to remain as a sanctuary resident where he can live out the rest of his days happy, comfortable, and well adjusted!

Oso is asking for help with his continued care and is in need of a monthly sponsor to help cover the cost of his Joint Supplements, food, worming, and yearly vaccines. Can you help Oso out with a monthly sponsorship? A one time donation would help a lot as well! To set up a one time or monthly donation for Oso please go to our Sponsorship Page to do so.



Laddie was found wandering the streets as a stray with a broken leg. He was taken into the shelter and their vet did splint his leg while he awaiting the return of his owners. His time was up when we were told that just the night before the big red X was placed upon his kennel card which meant first thing in the morning was his turn to be euthanized. Laddie was luck that the man who was to euthanize him that morning came in and Laddie licked his face as he was being carried out of his kennel to be euthanized…… the man could not put him down and Laddie earned himself a one day reprieve and luckily we were informed he was desperate to get out. UAWR could not see that sad and so sweet little face loose his life so we pulled him from the shelter and began immediately raising the funds to care for him. Laddie’s leg has healed now and he is getting around pretty good these days. It is very obvious he was abused previously and for him to overcome all of his fears in order to lick the shelter worker that fateful day is just amazing as he is extremely shy little guy especially with new people. Just that one small gesture though literally SAVED his life!!


Parker was turned in by his owner to the shelter for reasons unknown. He and his friend Pac came into the shelter together, Parker is quite to opinionated guy and can be ever so sweet.


Petey was picked up as a stray at the very young age of 3 months. He was networked and not one person was interested in saving Petey because he was a “medical” case and was having several very severe and violent seizures daily. UAWR has experience and a great success rate with previous dogs with seizures and natural treatments and we could NOT bare the though of this gorgeous 3 month old baby being euthanized and never even being given a chance so we gave him that chance. We found out he only had less then 1 hour left to live and we rushed down to the shelter with only minutes to spare and rescued this little guy. Though times were trying and there were days I felt like I was doing him a dis-service keeping him alive while watching some of the most violent and horrific seizures I had ever seen that came 4 and 5 times EVERYDAY. But as I write this he has now been seizure free for many months. His last seizure was on 1/29/2013 which was 26 days after his rescue and now more then 4 months since his last seizure…. that was the longest 26 days of my life. Petey now runs, plays, and does all the normal puppy things!